Matt Mochary is a coach to the tech world. On this video cast, he interviews many of the top tech operators and investors to understand their unique perspective.

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Chief of Staff: Why You Need One

Matt Mochary breaks down the importance of hiring a Chief of Staff, why you need one, how to find one and major mistakes to avoid when finding the right person for the job.

‚ÄčNaval Ravikant explains why you don't need to be CEO

Matt Mochary and Naval Ravikant (founder and former CEO of AngelList) talk about why you don't need to be the CEO.

EP: 16 - Naval Ravikant, former CEO of AngelList

Twitch Co-founder Justin Kan shares lessons

Matt Mochary and Justin Kan (former Twitch co-founder) rip open the band-aid on Justin's stories from building Atrium.

EP: 14 - Justin Kan, Co-founder of Twitch

Operating the Largest Crypto Platform

EP: 15 - Emilie Choi, President of Coinbase

How to build impactful relationships

EP: 17 - Andy Bromberg, CEO of Eco

Leading a multi-billion dollar unicorn

EP: 19 - Ryan Breslow, Former CEO of Bolt

Own Your Actions With Three Words

Matt Mochary, CEO Coach

Strategies for Successful Meetings

EP: 13 - Francis Davidson, CEO of Sonder

How to succeed as a parent and CEO

EP: 18 - Brian Long, CEO of Attentive

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